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Picture of MauriceMaurice Downing
Corfocus Director & Experienced Tender Writer
Specialist in Government Tender Writing 

Experience from inside the Tender evaluation room.

Do any of the following match how you are feeling right now?

    • The tender documents, particularly government tenders, are so complex we can’t make head nor tail of them.
    • We want to grow our business into the government market but it is so different from our existing customers that we don’t know where to start.
    • We have tried doing a few government tenders ourselves without success. Where are we going wrong?
    • If only we knew exactly what is required with government tenders, how the government thinks and how they choose the winning tender.

Corfocus can help you WIN your Government Tender.


“The Request For Tender document was a mystery to us. Corfocus was responsive and knowledgeable in the analysis of the selection criteria.  They provided guidance in understanding the language, interpreting the intention of the selection criteria and helped us structure the tender with an appreciation of what the evaluation panel is looking for. Corfocus was passionate about stopping point leakage and ultimately about winning the tender for us.  They are the best  inside knowledge you can get for government tenders!”

Peter Webb, International Training Concepts

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