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'Helping Business Win Government Tenders.'

Doing business with government can be very attractive because they offer long term contracts and always pay their bills, albeit a little slowly sometimes. In our experience companies wanting to do regular business with government fall into three categories – which one are you?

At Corfocus, we believe preparation pays off and that companies who win government tenders consistently are willing to invest in this preparation.  So, any of the scenarios above sound like your company and you are prepared to invest in winning future government tenders then Corfocus can help you.

We do this work in three phases.  In the first two phases we build and implement your Tender Machine.  In the third phase we write your future tenders and carry out scheduled health checks to ensure you are always working with the latest information.

Phase 1 – Tender Readiness

How tender ready are you and where have you been making mistakes?

Corfocus will assess two of your past tenders to identify any mistakes or shortcomings and then use our Tender Readiness Checklist to review your existing tender development resources.  It is best if we do this work on site at your facilities but we can also do it remotely if you send through your materials.  The output from Phase 1 is a concise report highlighting what you need to do to win government tenders consistently.

 Phase 2 – Building Your Tendering Machine

Here we use the Phase 1 report as a work program to develop all the materials you need for a winning Tender Machine.  The work is usually done over a period of 4 to 8 weeks depending on your timeframe and our commitments.  By the end of Phase 2 you will have a Tender Machine that will serve as a platform for all your future government tenders.  No more starting from a blank page and working frantically against impossible deadlines while still trying to service existing clients.  Typically, the work program might involve:

Phase 3 – Embedding and Winning More Tenders

Now you have all the knowledge and systems in place Corfocus will work with you to make sure the system is embedded into your business. As your “on call” experts we will:

Benefits for your business

We recognise that there is an upfront investment but the results of our existing clients show that Preparation Pays Off.  The benefits of investing in your Tender Machine are:

 Your Call to ACTION

The sooner you build your Tender Machine the sooner you start winning government tenders consistently.

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